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Keepvid is the best free online Youtube to mp3 converter, period. This is New Keepvid, so there are new rules: no limits, safe, no redirects, open for everyone anywhere. With Keepvid you can unblock otherwise geo-restricted videos from other countries or continents, you can also check out top 30 most popular videos in each country/language that we have translations for. It's very convenient, don't need to get VPN or proxy to watch videos from hot hot hot Latin America, for example, while you're physically sitting at a computer screen in Russia or China.

Keepvid works great with Youtube playlists. If you ever need to convert whole Youtube playlist to mp3 or just a few videos, give us a change, submit playlist link in place of the usual video link, and see it all be presented in front of you, with thumbnails and video title. Now pick the videos you want converted to mp3s, click on each and convert it to mp3. 1 after another, is how we call this process, it ensures you don't download 90 songs because you wanted 10 songs numbers 45 thru 54.. And our network doesn't need to convert 90 videos to mp3 while all you wanted were the middle 10.. If you like to download videos you've watched today or recently, we can definitely help you download what Youtube calls "my mix", it is pretty much like a playlist.. We can also open playlists from other locations, but that's for another session..

Where to find Youtube music to convert to mp3?

Convert Youtube videos into MP3, MP4, M4A, WEBM, etc

We support a whole variety of video and audio formats, and for the audio extraction from Youtube videos, the result can be placed into an MP3 file, as well as M4A, MP4 (contains AAC audio) and WEBM (contains OPUS audio). These are the 4 formats we do for Youtube videos, although main requested in 97% of the cases is MP3 format. Not everyone knows that M4A is actually a better format to store audio, it can process higher and lower frequencies, making M4A sound richer than MP3 with more frequencies cut off..


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What is the fastest steps to convert Youtube videos to mp3?

  1. Access the Youtube URL you need to convert to mp3, copy it to clipboard.
  2. Visit Keepvid and insert video URL into the search box, submit.
  3. Select the MP3 file or some other format you wish then click "Download".

Are downloadeds limited for the unregistered users?

No. First of all, no registration is needed to use NewKeepvid, and secondly we don't do any limits, it's harder to impose limits than leave it all unlimited.. We go the easy way.

Where do converted & downloaded mp3 files get saved?

Files on your device are in default general Downloads folder. You can always easily find the list of downloads in browser's Menu option with same name.

What are the supported audio formats?

We can show support to multiple audio formats, including MP3, M4A, WEBM, etc. You can listen to audio right away on your device without installing any other software.

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Convert Youtube videos to mp3 in style and in comfort of your favorite Android device or Windows machine. It is easy to install - just tap this button and say 'Yes' when browser asks if you want to set up this app on your device. The app doesn't occupy any storage, well, except maybe for a small cache of the essential components needed for the app to work, which really speeds up the app and allows it to work offline a little bit... The app doesn't need updates, it will automatically update when we update the website. So check it out, it's pretty much this website open in your favorite browser, that's what web-apps are for the most part.

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Bookmark exists simply to send you here without additional clicks or searches in google. But this one is also a shortcut, or as they say on PC scene - a bookmarklet. What it does, long story short, it sends you here to Keepvid and also copies the URL of the page you were on with you, this way you don't have to copy-paste video URL yourself. It saves tons of time if you visit this site a lot, but it only works on desktops and laptops, not on mobile devices. This functionality is accomplished by attaching a little bit of JS code to this button, so it can grab the page URL address and redirect you to Keepvid all with 1 click on the bookmarklet. Needs to be dragged and dropped into your browser's Bookmarks, otherwise it won't work. If you do save it, you can test it anywhere, doesn't even have to be a video page..